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Our NAP+ Business Citations are designed to add more authority to your brand. What is NAP? NAP is Business Name, Business Address, and Business...


Our NAP+ Business Citations are designed to add more authority to your brand.

What is NAP?

NAP is Business Name, Business Address, and Business Phone Number.

What is NAP+?

NAP+ is Business Name, Business Address, Business Phone Number, Business Website, Business Description, Business Hours, Business Logo, Related Keywords, Business Social Media URLs, Business Related Images, etc.

We have a powerful formula that allows you to have your local listings appearing on search engine local search results pages, thus enhancing your brand's visibility. It also allows you to target local consumers ready, willing, and able to buy the service you have to offer. Our NAP+ Business Citations will also provide the potential for increased organic traffic to your website while also helping you to receive a higher probability for more qualified leads, as people from your geographical area would be directed towards you.


You don't NEED to invest in these NAP+ Local Business Citations, but they can certainly help.

Consider the last time you visited a search engine to quickly find the business hours of a restaurant you wanted to visit, but couldn't find them. You took the gamble, drove to the restaurant with your taste-buds in full force, and only to discover that the restaurant had closed, 14 minutes ago.
Sound familiar?

Remember, business hours are only 1 item that makes up the whole of your citations. You will be helping your customers quickly find the information they need to best interact with your business.


  • Step 1: Begin by placing the order.
  • Step 2: Include your best contact email in the order notes.
  • Step 3: One of our team members will contact you within the next 24 hours, via email, in order to collect some additional information from you about the topic of your press release.
  • Step 4: Once we receive your reply, we will begin our writing process. Should we require any further details from you, we will contact you. However, if not, then we will begin your campaign.
  • Step 5: Our writers will complete the 1st draft of your written press release content, within 3 - 5 business days. Once complete, we will reply back to your email with the content, to request your approval, and/or to receive any revision requests by you, in case we may have missed something or you've thought of something relevant to add.
  • Step 6: Once we have agreed on the content to be pushed through our distribution channels, please allow 2-3 business days for your content to be published (unless the journalists require any additional clarification, in which we will promptly contact you via email). Once published, we will email you your report, which will contain the links to the content that was published on the platforms.