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Press Release Benefits and Our Services

The definition of a press release is given as being an official statement issued to newspapers
giving information on a particular matter. Now we can update that a little as the press release is
also applicable to online media outlets, but we can probably run with the rest of the description.
In fact, one of the critical elements is the need for it to be informative on a particular matter.
Because that's the crux of the press release, it's a way of sharing information with both current
and potential clients. And alongside that come five key benefits which are we know are going to
convince you that press releases need to become an essential way of promoting your business.

1. Increased Traffic to Your Website.

Within each press release are one or two carefully positioned links taking the reader to your
website. Once there, you can guide the reader towards making purchases. However, real care is
needed in how the press release is optimised. That's because search engines will penalise you if
they believe that you have been manipulative in the use of links. But we know the strategies
which can be used that will still increase website traffic through the use of press releases. And
we can help you to achieve that.

2. Positive Influence on Search Engine Optimisation

When media outlets publish your press release, they will provide backlinks to your website.
These are particularly valuable for SEO purposes because they give a vote of confidence; it's a
way of the linking site vouching for your content. If you then have several websites which are all
linking back to yours, then search engines can interpret that as a positive indicator for your

3. Reaching your Audience

It's likely that some visitors to your site have resisted signing up to your mailing list. So then
comes the challenge of how to reach out to them when you have news to share. The press
release piggybacks on the success of other media outlets and in doing reaches out to their
audience. Remember that there are opportunities to consider which outlets your release is sent to
and to also take into account geographical location. Now you have the chance to re-engage with
existing clients and to connect with new.

4. Instant Exposure.

Some SEO strategies are a waiting game. You may not see outcomes for weeks or even months.
However, a press release provides you with instant exposure. The moment it's published, its
there for people to read and click through on your links.

5. Credibility

When a media outlet decides to publish information submitted on your behalf, then you can take
that as a significant accolade as to your credibility. No organisation is going to publish content
which is dull, irrelevant or merely unnewsworthy because it's in their interest to ensure that their
readers keep coming back. So when your press release is published, it means that it's getting
their approval; something which clients will also take heed of.

Writing press releases is a skill for which we have been honing our expertise for many years.
We'll ensure that your copy contains the right amount of optimisation moulded into
professionally sculptured text.